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Project Overview

You survived raising children
Young people need your wisdom
And wouldn't you love to pass it on?


By publishing your experience, alongside others you don't have to figure it all out! 


There's a BIG learning curve to self-publishing, that can feel overwhelming.

  •  Where do I start?

  •  Do I have enough to say?

  •  Will my story touch people?

  •  Who can I talk to about everything?

  •  How in the world do I find my way through the publishing maze?


Well - you don’t have to go it alone.

As part of my 2023 business goals, I am launching this book, which will be available on Amazon.

Raising Children Wasn't Easy, But I Made It - Anthology


What's an Anthology?

An anthology means we work as a team, each writing our own story about our experiences raising children. It will be managed and published by Igniting The Flame Publishing  and Dr.  Deborah Allen who will coach and publish us.

Time is of the essence - we need your story.
It encourages all of us to work with
others like you!


Make the decision today to join me and my Journey Into Purpose, LLC. Experience. I am proud
that we will work together improving our writing, moving from where we are currently to where
God wants us to be.



The overall concept and intention for Raising Children Wasn't Easy, But I Made It Anthology is to help our young parents with the difficult job of raising children.

  • tools

  • techniques

  • strategies



The goal is to support, encourage, and provide ideas for a plan of action. Lack of knowledge gives our next generation stress, and experienced information can lift them up with sustainable strategies. In this anthology, we invite you to share your stories of what did and didn’t work, with tips on how they can be grounded, confident and secure in their parenting skills. Your story is for God's glory!

Through this collaboration:

  • You'll have a chance to share your story with others.

  • You'll have a chance to become a bestselling author.

  • You'll have a chance to generate additional income.

  • You get all the support you’ll need and companionship as we do it together.


Click here to join this active group now!


This opportunity is for anyone who wants to help young parents become skilled in instructing
their children without cursing, yelling, and demeaning them.

You will be supported by the group collaboration and a valuable support package that includes:

  • 3 Group Coaching Sessions

    • How to write your chapter.

    • How to present yourself on stage/camera/podcast

    • How to monetize your book to get your investment back

  • Graphics

  • Pre-launch Party

  • Magazine Banner

  • Virtual Book Launch

  • Platforms Opportunity ***Make ~ Bestseller

  • Chapter in an anthology with editing.


Investment - What you get and how you make it back

Your investment provides way more than the cost, and you’ll make your money back FAST! You
sell 45 books to your community of grandparents and young parents for ONLY $25.00.


Young parents need your wisdom, and we need your story. Jump in.


Are You Ready? Click here!
The Call by God to do this anthology is urgently needed for all parents - including the children
raising children.
Pros to Co-Authorship:


  • Pay substantially less to Co-Publish than with traditional publishing.

  • Access an experienced team that handles ALL the Production Editing AND Design.


  • Co-Promote/Network with other successful women.

  • The experienced marketing team guides you.

  • Leverage an already successful publishing brand.

  • Sell the book directly for profit.

  • Become a bestselling author.


It’s so easy! 

Your story assignmentYou only have to write a few pages.

  • First page ~ tell about your parenting experience as a mother 

  • Second page ~ talk about your parenting experience as a father

  • Third page ~ provide tools, techniques & strategies that worked, and what didn’t


This is everything you need to know:

  1. A Silver Program coaching, publishing, and marketing fee of $1000 (USD)

  2. Your experience story - no less than 1,800 words, and no more than 2,500 words

  3. Your 150-word bio, including contact, social media, and website info

  4. Your professional photo/headshot

  5. Your commitment to meeting all project deadlines

  6. Your promotion of the book via social media, word of mouth, and all networks

  7. Order books to sell for only $8.00 per copy

  8. You will sell each book for no less than $25.00 - a $22.00 PROFIT TO YOU!

Remember that we’re not venting, but writing to help strengthen and encourage other
parents. Your stories can teach and equip other parents, young and old, worldwide. Seeing
the fruit of our labor after raising our children is rewarding!

Remind yourself that it wasn't easy, and there are children raising children who could benefit
from the tools, strategies, and techniques that worked for you!

JOIN the anthology of many parents. It’s time to share your wisdom through your own voice!


June 10, 2023 - Book Release

Steps To Take!

  1. COMMIT to telling your story Here

  2. Submit the first Installment - click on the amount

    1. $250.00 - Here

    2. $500.00 - Here

    3. $1000. 00 - Here

  3. Acknowledge and Sign the Anthology Terms and Conditions - Click Here 

Start Right Away - time is critical.

Raising Children Wasn't Easy, But I Made It - Anthology

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